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CNC build

Posted by 0ldrunk on December 23, 2010

Well it’s been some time since posted or worked on any thing. I still don’t have a lot of free time but just a quick post on something I’ve been poking at.
CNC Build Log 0.1
Not a lot info ready to post but it’s just the first step towards a working 3 axis CNC PICmicro Controlled. At this time I’m looking for a fast cheap build. So it’s going to be small and limited but useful none the less!
For the controller it’s a PIC16F870 3 axis Driver. It was bought as kit total cost with stepper motors was around $150CND dollars.
The kit was purchased online from and the creator has done excellent build guide for the driver kit. This is the lowest cost kit don’t expect a professional CNC machine out of this controller but a good small start to familiarize one’s self with the way CNC machines work and how to tell one what to make for you.
For the software end I’m going OpenSource with EMC2(Enhanced Machine Controller). I’ve only run a test so far the assembled Driver works but I need a faster PC since the current test rig is 300Mhz CPU with 764megs of ram but runs Puppylinux very smoothly but EMC needs at least 700Mhz. EMC will run on the PC but misses steps like crazy.

Test setup


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