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Stuff ‘n Projects

Things I’m currently working on or trying to.

This one’s mostly just for fun but when I first found out about this( found on a electronics forum or hack-a-day can’t remember) a while back when the creator Jim Robertson still had this project open source, looking at the source code and the schematics of the hardware really got me first interested in micro-controllers, I could understand most of it and what I didn’t I learned myself, this really started my journey  into PICmicros. I’ve known about this for so long and even have most of the parts to build it now but still on hold for near future.

A candle simulator for 12F PIC micro. I have built it, haven’t documented the build have other plans for this. Any way it does work very well! There are some other neat PIC projects on that site as well. I found it looks more realistic if you use more then one Led and one orange and one yellow and only defused LEDs

Really great site full of a lot of useful and interesting PIC projects. The project I’m currently interested in building is the “Superprob” a really handy electronics multitool that right now does 17 functions. Once again I have most if not all the parts to build this its one.

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