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If ain’t broke : Fix it!!!!

Posted by 0ldrunk on November 21, 2009

Build Log / Posted by Oldrunk / Jan 16, 2009 @ 03:06 AM / 1,411 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Well modded my TX and RX for a 5th channel to used for nav lights and other projects figure I’d post some pics of the 5th channel mod as well modded the throttle by putting some tubing over the metal ratchet to get some smoother control. The 5th channel is being controlled with a 5K Pot and the knob head is a OKW part# A1320260 , you can get this and other knob heads as FREE samples from their site as well they have project boxes and battery holders that they freely sample you can order what ever you want as long as its under a $100USD and not more then once evey 4 or 5 months or you’ll get black listed.
Been working on programming a PIC to take the servo input from the 5th channel, still new programming PICmicros so its a challange trying to get it to work.
Press ahead!


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Electronics Log

Posted by 0ldrunk on November 21, 2009

I’ve had a hobby interest in electronics ( mostly controllers) for some time now and had a log going at a R/C forum but my projects are not just R/C based, I like get my hands on any thing. I’m going to start this blog with re-posting one of my first projects using PICmicro controllers. I never really did finish it but it did mostly work which I was pleased with.

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