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PIC 18F Programing

Posted by 0ldrunk on December 24, 2009

After some trial and error, trying to program the 18F2550 proved to be harder then I thought. I tried to program it first via the ICSP header on my Velleman K8048 and was getting errors during programing, after some reading I added two 47pF caps for PGD and PGC filtering with still no success. Did yet more reading and built a ART2003 programmer which is a simple LPT programmer meant for the 18F2xxx chips and still no success, so after yet more reading finally I figured out it could be a COM problem with my computer and installed PORT TALK drivers and tried again with the Velleman and success the chip flashed with out any errors. One note is that the software Velleman supplys with K8048 is as about as useless as tits on a bull  use WINPIC , not winpic800 but WINPIC. The K8048 will program 18F chips (18F2550 tested only by me) with the ICSP header and some trial and error and 22pF~47pF  PGC/PGD filtering caps!

I have now tried the programed chip in the PICkit 2 clone and well I have to go back and double check my wiring as there seems to be a problem, windows reports it as a unknown USB device and the PICkit2 software won’t detect it at all, but if I hold down on the button well plugging in the USB the busy LED starts to flash which means its going into bootloader mode to take firmware updates, so this is a good thing I’m guessing it means the chip is flashed and working it just may have to do with my build of the circuit board, stating to realize that its time I just learn how to do printed circuit boards and get the materials needed so that I can eliminate future errors on my part.


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