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USB PIC Programmer

Posted by 0ldrunk on December 5, 2009

Well after some some more research and a trip out to my local electronics shop I ended up figuring out that I can build a “Junebug” which is a striped down lite clone of Microchips’ PICKit2. about the same amount of parts to build as the GTP but supports more chips and is supported by software like MPLAB IDE and Flowcode3/4 which I use so this should shave some time and effort on new projects as it will be faster then my old serial Velleman K8048, plus now I can use my laptop for programing since the PK2 is USB . Nothing wrong with the Velleman and its proven it’s self to be a good programmer for the cost and getting started with PICmicros.The old serial programer will still be handy for some chips that need more then 5VDC for programing as my PICkit2 lite will only do 5V chips, as well I need the old serial programer to build the JuneBug as at the core of the new programmer is a 18F2550.

* One important note is if using the Blueroomelectronics schematics for the PICkit2 lite, there is a mistake on the USB connection, PINs 15(D-) and 16(D+) are backwards, when building you have to switch them around or it may not work, if you download the datasheet for the 18F2550 you will see this too!*


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