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Computer build

Posted by 0ldrunk on November 28, 2009

Some friends of my’n just had their computer die on them, at first it seemed like the video card may have died but even with a swap out of the video card still no go, it just wasn’t booting up at all. So took advantage of the Black Friday sale and picked up a Asus mother board, 2Gigs of Crosair DDR2 1066Mhz RAM , AMD Phenom 64 X3 2.4Ghz CPU with 3.5MB Cache, Diablotek 400Watt PSU , and a extra DVD drive.

When I pulled out the old hardware and took a better  look I found two blown Capacitors near the CPU, so the motherboard is NFG. I’m hoping the old Ram may be still good so I can get another old computer going but the old PC3200 Ram physically don’t look too healthy some of the resistors look blown, going to test it any way just to be sure.

Right now I have all the new parts installed into the case I have reused the old video card assuming that it still works, the old DVD drive, and the HD, I had spare 200Gig drive kicking around so I tossed that in too as the new C: drive seeing as I’ll need to re-installed windows and the original HD is the only back-up of my friends’ Data. So going to try to boot the new hardware and begin with OS install I don’t foresee any other problems at this time.

Update: the spare 200Gig bit the dust, rebooted the system and drive failure came up. Any way the rest of the computer runs fine, just no spare drive.

Update 2: Well Mycrowshit found a way to screw me up(again!). Every thing was fine and running till I brought it back to my friends’ place and connect it to the network and windows activation comes up, “no problem” I think “I’ve had this happen before, just re-activate because of the new CPUkey” so I tryed activate over the internet and would not work “Okay…I’ll just call MS support” an Hour of swearing at Raj from India later got me transferred to a US Mircosoft rep, she kindly tells me. To sum this I was told I’m up shit river with out a paddle. Oh Yay me! The orginal company that build the computer needs to give me their activation key but the company is long gone!

I’ve resolved the issue and let just say IF you ever wondered why people hack and crack software, NO its not because of piracy it’s because software makers are F**KING IDIOTS!!!!!!!


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