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LamaLight V0.1

Posted by 0ldrunk on November 21, 2009

Build Log / Posted by Oldrunk / Feb 02, 2009 @ 05:57 PM / 1,152 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Well here it is the first beta of my project. The circuit it fully complete and the software is mostly complete just need to program in the different lighting patterns and then its all ready to go.
Some details about the controller are it supports 6 light channels, of the six channels it supports the following 3 Nav position lights(two forward, one tail end, one mid tail) 1 Strobe light , Landing Lights(two outputs) and Search lights(two outputs).
I built every thing with parts I had on hand so the microcontroller is a PIC16f627, the transistors for switching the output are BC547B(or 2N3904) they can handle up to 100mA of current, most designs I’ve seen online use a 2N2222 which can handle double the current but don’t feel that the 2N2222 is needed since the average LED is 20 to 25mA , there will be at most 60mA of current running though the collector with 2 LEDs connected. If higher power LED’s are needed/wanted the transistors can be replaced for 2N2222 or better.

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